The Field Level Hazard Assessment process is used to record and assess site or environmental hazards associated with the steps of a job or task and determine controls to mitigate risk associated with conducting that job or task unable to be assessed in a JHA.

To enter a FLRA, click Start.

On the FLRA form, there are some important fields to review. 

JHA(s) Reviewed, enter in all the JHA references that will be used for the Work to be Done. When a FLRA form is created, all workers will have the opportunity, or the obligation, to sign off that they've reviewed the FLRA and the associated JHAs. 

FLHA, for all site or environmental hazards associated with the work being done, use the FLHA field to record the Task, Hazard, Likelihood, Consequence, and Plans to Eliminate/Control. + Add row to enter as many rows as you need. 

An FLHA is started at the beginning of the work day and is an active document throughout the work day. If new workers come on site, they have to review the existing FLHA and sign on to it. At the end of the day you'll complete the Job Completion fields. For now, leave these fields empty and click OK. This saves the FLHA form at status level, In Progress.  

At this status level you can collect signatures from any one required to sign off on this FLHA. 

If you need to find our FLRA during the day, or when the work is done and the day is over, find your In Progress FLHA forms from your dashboard. 

To add signatures throughout the day, click View. 

When the day is done, Edit the form and complete the Job Completion fields. 

Once these fields are completed, the status of the form will automatically be changed to Completed and the form owner will be prompted to approve the form and sign it. 

Once the FLHA owner has approved and added their signature, the status of the form is automatically changed to Approved and the form is locked from further edits. 

If you need to provide the FLHA to a 3rd party, click Layouts

It will look like this.

To share this layout, you will either Save and Share providing someone with a link.

Or, using your web browser's print functionality, print the layout to pdf and include in an email.