This guide will walk you through a high level setup of the Vehicle Inspection Type process.  The Vehicle Inspection Type is a master list that manages the types to inspections that would be completed on a vehicle and also reported in the tracking solution.  If an inspection won't be reported in the tracking solution, it does not need to be listed as a Vehicle Inspection Type.

If you want to report on monthly and yearly inspections but not on daily inspections.  The Vehicle Inspection Type must have a Monthly form, a Yearly form, but not a Daily form.  The Monthly and Yearly inspections must be implemented in the same process.  The Daily Inspection can be implemented in the same process or it can be implemented as a separate process.

The Vehicle Inspection Type essentially tracks one thing, the name of the type. Eg, "Monthly" for monthly vehicle inspections.

Top Menu >> Setup >> + Add a process

Process: Vehicle Inspection Type

Group: Vehicles

Then click Finish.

Click the Fields tab.

Add fields to capture information relevant to the Vehicle Inspection Type.  Most important is a name of the Vehicle Inspection Type.

Click the Workflow tab.

Rename the New status to Active.  Click Edit on the Status level row New.

Status: Active

Add a second Status called Inactive.  Click + Add a status level.

Status: Inactive

Auto-archive: Yes

Click OK.

Click the Template tab.

Update the Title, Security, Default Columns, and other relevant Settings.

The Vehicle Inspection Type is now setup.