This guide will walk you through a high level setup of the Vehicle Inspection that will allow for compliance reporting by Vehicle or Inspection Type.

The Vehicle Inspection is the form that is completed when a person does a physical inspection of a vehicle.  It asks standard questions about a vehicle's condition and stores the answers for future reference.  

When tracking multiple inspection types, the type is selected on the Vehicle Inspection and field groups are used to show/hide relevant questions and sections.

Top Menu >> Setup >> + Add a process

Process: Vehicle Inspection

Group: Vehicles

Then click Finish.

Click the Fields tab.

Add the fields for the inspection data that you would like to track, fields like the Date and Time of Inspection, Inspector, Vehicle Inspected, Inspection Type, Current KMs, Inspection questions, and Additional Comments.  For the system to successfully perform its tracking functions it is important that the following fields exist on the Vehicle Inspection

  • Date and Time of Inspection - Date field of type Date and Time, or Date only ... your choice
  • Vehicle Inspected - process form reference to Vehicles
  • Inspection Type - process form reference to the Vehicle Inspection Type

Click the Workflow tab.

Rename the New status to In Progress.  Click Edit on the Status level row New.

Status: In Progress

Click OK.

Click + Add a status level

Status: Completed

Allow form edit: No

Allow file add/edit: No

Click OK.

Click the Template tab.

Update the Title, Security, Default Columns, and other relevant Settings.

Next step is to click the Fields tab and add the appropriate questions for each Inspection Type.  Using Field Groups, Monthly Inspection questions can be hidden when entering an Annual Inspection and vice versa.

The Vehicle Inspection is setup.