The Vehicles process is the core of the Vehicle Inspection Tracking solution.  Without a centrally stored vehicle it is difficult to gather stats for or track inspections for a particular vehicle.  A Vehicle form should be created for every vehicle to be tracked.  On the vehicle form, the applicable Inspection Types can be entered along with the Inspection frequency.

To enter a Vehicle, press Top Menu >> Processes >> +Start.

Enter all the relevant vehicle information.

For the Inspection Schedule, add a row for each type of Inspection that should apply to this vehicle.

For each Inspection Type be sure to enter the inspection frequency (Inspect Again After), when the Inspections should start (Start Date) and when the Inspections are no longer required (End Date).  If the Inspections should continue indefinitely leave the End Date blank.

Click OK.

As Inspections are entered, they will show in the Inspection History.

To view Inspection information about the vehicle, navigate to the vehicle and view it.

When the vehicle is sold or retired, set the Status to Inactive.  This will archive the vehicle and prevent it from showing in lists.