Fulfillment looks at the Inspection History of a Vehicle and combines it with the Vehicle's Inspection Schedule to determine how many of the Inspection Schedule requirements have been met.  The resulting information is displayed in a context sensitive manner on the Vehicle and the Vehicle Inspection Type.


From the Vehicle's perspective, the system will display the list of Inspection Types that apply and if an Inspection of each Type has been completed as of a particular date.  This allows you to see, at a glance, how up to date the Inspections for a Vehicle are.

Click Today to view the detailed list of Inspections for the vehicle.

Inspections can be filtered in a number of ways:

  • As-of date: click the Calendar icon
  • Completed/Missing: Select an item from the Show drop down
  • Vehicle Inspection Type: Select an item from the drop down

Vehicle Inspection Type

Fulfillment status can also be viewed from the Vehicle Inspection Type perspective.  Navigate to a specific Vehicle Inspection Type and look for the Inspections box.

Press Today to see a list of Vehicles that need Inspections of this type and their fulfillment status as of Today.  Also provides the ability to change the As-of date and filter the vehicles to only those that have missing inspections or completed inspections.