For full setup options for processes 

Display settings of processes gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of your process. 

Top left menu >> Setup >> Click on desired process >> Display Edit >>

1. Process Name - The name of the process can be changed here.

2. Group - The process group determines where it resides on your process page. (Top Left Menu >> Processes)

3. Section - Choose the color and icon that best represents your process. 

4. Your Logo - Display your logo on every form that is started from this process. To change your Logo please visit this article.

5. Title - Change the title displayed, of the forms created from this process, when referenced in other processes. This is used when you need to reference the forms from this process in another, the title is what appears in the list field of a form reference field.

6. Start - Determine where the Start links appear for said process. On Start Ask For, choose whether or not on form start if all fields of the form are displayed or if only required fields are. App, RPM Application is not currently available for Telco.

7. Number - A unique identifier for your forms created from this process, numbers are generated automatically in an increasing sequence. You can add a prefix that sits in-front of every number.

8. Repeating Fields - Enabling this option will add a new section to the bottom of your Process's field section. Click here to learn more about repeating fields.