Use dashboard pages to provide users with organized access to data you know that they want and use frequently. 

Consider a dashboard that displays lagging indicators from incident data across an organization. Use pages to segment data into predetermined time periods that users have particular interest in. For example, the screenshot below shows the time periods All, This Year, This Quarter, This Month, This Week. Each page would allow the setup user to filter the widgets on that dashboard to the corresponding time period.


To add pages to a dashboard, click Use pages. This will create a new page. 

On the Add a page box, name your page and choose if you want to copy widgets from another dashboard. 

Use the This page menu to Rename, Delete, Move left, and Move right your dashboard pages. 

After you have added one dashboard, click +Add a page to add more pages. You can add a maximum of five pages per dashboard. 

Once you have created a page, you can add widgets to the page by clicking Place a widget and either create a new widget by clicking + Add a widget or choosing a widget that is already created.