This article will describe briefly what each tab in the setup of a process does and provide links to each with more information. 

  1.  Template - Basic Process settings are located here, for a full list of options visit here.
  2.  Fields - Change the fields that appear on your forms once you start the process. This is where you'll be designing or changing what information the process stores. For more information visit here.
  3.  Field Groups - Working in conjunction with fields the field groups allow users to hide or show certain fields based on the conditions of other fields/statuses of the form.  For more information visit here.
  4.  Workflow - Edit the Status Levels, Triggers, and Owner controls. For more information visit here.
  5.  Commissions - Setup a process to compare certain fields to the commission totals of Accounts. It is made up of two sections Commission Methods and Reconcile Setup.
  6.  History - Shows the changes made to the process and who made them.