This article provides an explanation of how our billing works for your RPM subscription.

We operate off a monthly billing cycle that is post billed after the month of service. The minimum contract term runs for a one year period and the minimum user seat required to retain your subscription is 1 super user at a cost of $299/month. From that point forward, additional users may be enabled within your subscription by the system administrator (super user). Once a new user has been enabled, the associated cost will be counted automatically by our system and your monthly invoice will be calculated based on your usage for that month. Below provides a breakdown of the default costs and definition for each user type.

The Super user seat is the system administrator of your RPM Telco subscription. They have full access to everything in RPM as well as the ability to add new users.

The Staff user seat is a customizable seat that you can tailor to fit the business roles a user might need. For example you can have a staff user only work on commissions or only work on order entry. Staff users cannot add other staff users but can be given the same permissions as the Super user if needed. Staff users can add Agent users.

Agent users - Manager and Rep
These two users are how your sales partners would login and track their own commissions you've assigned them. The difference between the two are that Managers see all the commissions for all the reps under their agency while Reps only see commissions under themselves.

Customer users have the most limited permissions. The only things visible to them are the contracts or other processes that you have given them permission to see. Generally used to show the customer the contract status or installation status of their orders.


Commission Items are the number of rows imported from excel spreadsheets or transferred in from Master Agents are processed in RPM each month. 5000 commission items are included and every additional 2500 is $99. This resets every new month you process in RPM.

Storage refers to the amount of file attachments and emails integrated (in GB) into RPM.