Email Threading

Email threading reduces the time and complexity of reviewing emails by grouping emails by conversation. Email threading has been added to email integration functionality.

Access By Support

To enhance transparency, when we access your subscription an access by support reason is required. For example, to investigate a support ticket we'll record Support access for ticket and add a link to the ticket. You can also choose to receive email notification when we access your subscription.

Other Improvements & Changes

Dashboard Filter for Fulfillment Widgets

Duration Field as Interactive Filter

Evaluate Related Forms After Import

Empty Free Row Table Field Rows Removed When Form is Saved

Links in Link Fields are Truncated

Form Searches With Only One Result Take User Straight to That Form

View Downloads and Sorting in Excel

Actions Due Report Now Shows the Count of Actions Due, not the Count of Forms with Actions Due

Owner is a Link on Form Display

Support for all DST Time Zones

New Action Email Style

Enter 24 Hour Time Value Without Colon

Formula Fields can be Flowed Into Money, Decimal, Quantity, and Percent Fields

Form Owner can be Used to Fill Staff Reference in Table Fill 

Process View Column for Email

Process View Filters for Email

New Staff Privilege for User Reports