Every process in RPM can be downloaded as a XML file and imported into RPM again to create the template of the process.  This can be useful if you want to create a sandbox inside your RPM to test some new edits without worrying about live data.

Download the XML Template

The download link can be found in the setup of each process.

Top Left Menu (Hamburger Menu) > Setup > Process Name > 

Import the Process

Top Left Menu (Hamburger Menu) > Setup > Import a Process 


Give a name to the imported process and assign it a group if desired.

Choose the File and hit Next

The next screen is an informational page highlighting the number of objects that are being created. The only message that may be concerning is that parts of the file may be invalid. The invalid warnings will not prevent the importing of a process but rather warn you of some fields that will not come through. This is common with reference fields as their references may not exist between RPM subscriptions, or if the fields are used in Table Fills and such.

Either way check the warnings and make note of them as they might explain why some fields won't come over. 

After hitting Finish you will have your new/copied process!