Position Risk Assessment

Step one to any formal or field level hazard assessment is to begin by figuring out what people do in an organization.

Risk assessments provide an opportunity to identify and understand hazards, vulnerabilities, and threats that could negatively impact a business.


Each position in the organization is comprised of specific tasks/activities/responsibilities that carry its own risks.  These risks need to be properly identified.  If risks can not be eliminated they must be controlled.  A Position Risk Assessment ensures that hazards/risks are identified in a pre risk assessment so that when employees arrive on site to complete the FLHA they are already armed with risks/hazard identification and controls/prevention knowledge to complete their jobs in a informed/safe manner.     

These processes will also demonstrate compliance for safety audits for companies that are trying to achieve or maintain safety standards such as SECOR, COR, and ISO 45001. 

The Position risk assessment takes into account all tasks/activities of each position. (Job Hazard Assessment)

Based on the frequency of these task/activities that make up the position we can determine the risk/ranking of how this task impacts the risk level/ranking of the position as whole.

To create a Position Risk Assessment click Start:

Enter Position and Position Description:

Select from JHA(s) Job Hazard Assessment those tasks/activities that are responsibilities of this position.

The average risk level will populate from the risk level of the task/activity that has been predefined in the Job Hazard Assessment. (See Job Hazard Assessment JHA’s)

Define the frequency of the activity/task for position.

The frequency will determine a frequency value (based on 365 days).  The frequency value and average risk level for the task/activity will calculate the risk of activity task ranking for this position. 

Based on the typical tasks/activities (JHA(s)) for this position a overall average risk level for the position will be calculated.

The positions required on a specific site and tasks that are required to be complete make up the Field level hazard assessment.

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