When a user creates a view, they become the Owner of that view.

View access can either be shared or private. Shared views can be accessed by any user. Private views can only be accessed by their Owner.

All users can create private views. The ability to create and save shared views is a role privilege.

Typically, shared views are configured for reporting purposes. They display important, relevant information and are used in widgets. For this reason, shared views can only be edited by their Owner. 

However, there will be a scenario where a shared view needs to be edited by a user other than the view Owner. In order to manage this, there is a Transfer view ownership role privilege. This privilege allows users who have it, the ability to transfer ownership of a view to themselves. Once they are the view Owner, they can make edits to the view.

If users do not have the Transfer view ownership privilege, they can only copy a view and modify for their private use. When this user attempts to edit a Shared view, they will automatically create a copy of the view.