View Owner

When a user creates a view, they become the Owner of that view. View access can be either shared or private. Shared views can be accessed by any user. Private views can only be accessed by their Owner.  Typically, shared views are used for reporting purposes; they display important information and are commonly used in widgets. To protect the integrity of shared views, they can only be edited by their Owner.

However, there will be a scenario where a shared view needs to be edited by a user other than its Owner. To accommodate this, there is a Transfer view ownership role privilege. This privilege provides a user the ability to transfer view ownership to oneself. Once they are the view Owner, they can make edits 

View Edit History

It will be common that multiple users have the Transfer view ownership privilege that ultimately allows them to make edits to shared views.

Because of this, there will be a time when a user will edit a shared view and you will want to know who did it and what they changed.

View edit history details the edits made, when they were made, and the user that made them. 

More Improvements & Changes


  • Formula field date values can be flowed to Date and Date & Time fields
  • Delete all rows button for table field in form edit
  • List option limit increased from 200 to 500


  • Add view filter UI stays open to pick multiple filter options


  • Form participant notification badge improvement
  • Show total option for breakdown widgets
  • Date field reminders do not fire on archived forms
  • History for Staff users, Default columns, Email integration setup, and Webhook setup
  • More process color options