Sign In With Microsoft

Link a Microsoft account to one or more RPM accounts to skip the Sign in page or easily choose which RPM subscription you want to access if you have multiple RPM accounts. 

Account Group Download

A download button has been added to the account groups page. The download includes account groups across all suppliers.

Customer Contacts Page

Customer contacts have been given their own page. Contact style on the customer page has been refined.

Reference Link UI Change

Reference links are displayed with a glyph to help users identify the source of the data.  

More Improvements & Changes

  • Commissions
    • Better visual style for splits on agency and account groups 
  • Processes
    • Starting a form from copy places the user into form edit instead of form display 
  • Fields
    • Lat/Long field supported as nested field (you can add them inside a table field) 
    • New button that automatically sorts list options in list fields alphabetically 
  • Other
    • Action window opens in the middle of the browser and the action text window default is larger  
    • Rename of Logon to Sign in and Log off to Sign out 
    • Rename of Primary customer to Principal customer on the contact page