General Info 

Contacts in RPM may belong to multiple customers and either are the customer's Primary contact or Additional contact. A contact can only have one Principle customer and it's Principle customer refers to which customer the contact operates out of.

The contacts box can be found on any Customer page and will display a card for each contact that has a relationship with said customer, either as an Primary contact or an Additional contact.  

A customer may only have one Primary contact and each subsequent contact added to the customer will be considered an Additional contact.

You can promote any contact to the Primary Contact of a customer from the More drop down inside of the contact's info box.

Customer contacts have their own pages in RPM. On this page you can find the number of customers that this contact is a part of and the sign in information for the contact. 

All Contacts

Top Left Menu >> Customers >>

The Contacts page displays all contacts you have in RPM. From here you can check which contacts are enabled as Customer Users and the total number of customers a contact belongs to. 

The Download button on the right side of the page will give you a full list of all your contacts in RPM in an Excel file. 

Customer User/Sign in

To add a Customer User/Sign in you will first need to navigate to the customer contact profile you want to create a sign in for. 

This can be done by using the top left search bar and typing the customer name and viewing the customer contacts of that customer. Or by going to the contacts page.

Once you find the customer contact page click on + Add a customer user

You will then be able to invite the Customer User with their email address or by setting up a manual password for the customer user and providing that to the customer. You can also use the manual password to create the Customer User then login to test what the user can see before sending the login out.

You can also reset a Customer User's password. This will send them a password reset to their email listed above and will disable their login until they complete the reset. 

NOTE: The password reset invite is valid for 3 days. If the user does not activate the link provided in the reset email within that time frame they will need to be sent another one. 

Uses for Customer Contacts

Customer contacts in RPM can be used to track multiple points of contact that you may have with your customers and provide them to with access to view certain information in your RPM subscription. By default, enabled Customer Users can not see anything but the customer page of customers they're a part of. 

You can enable Customer Users to see certain processes here.

Fields in processes are hidden from Customer Users by default. You may need to change the security on fields to allow customer users to see the data you want them to. Check here on how to change field security for a process.

Useful ideas for the Customer Users may be to create processes structured around surveys or inquires. Processes in combination with Customer Users allows you make use of RPM to gather or show information to your partner in an already established online portal.

Participant Interactions

Enabled Customer Users can be added to process forms as participants. Enabled Customer Users can only see process forms that they are a participant of. 

You can manually add all eligible customer participants to all forms on a desired process using the add customer participants wizard.

Auto add can be enabled to automatically tag any customer contacts to your forms without having to manually add them.

Top Left Menu >> Setup >> (Process Name) >> Security >>