Link a Microsoft account to your RPM account and streamline your login. 

Existing Users

When you reach your RPM software login page, you will notice the Sign in with Microsoft button. If you have a Microsoft Account and wish to set up your access to RPM via that account, click it. 

You will be redirected to the Microsoft landing page where you enter in your Microsoft account information. 

Once complete, you are redirected back to the RPM Login page, where you will be asked to link your Microsoft account to your RPM  user name and password. Enter in your username and password and click on Sign in. 

You will then be asked to confirm the link between the two, you also have the option to create an automatic sign in which is beneficial if you use the same device to access RPM. 

Once confirmed, if you want to review your sign in settings or make changes, you can do so under your login information on the top right hand of the screen. 

New Users

When you click to accept your invite to RPM, you will be directed to a landing page where you can decide to either set a password for your RPM Username or you can chose to Sign in with a Microsoft Account.

If you choose Sign in with Microsoft you will be directed to the Microsoft Sign In page for you to enter your Microsoft account information. 

Once completed, you will be directed to confirm the link to the Microsoft account within RPM. 

*Note if you will be accessing RPM via the APP, you will need to use your RPM Username and Password. Microsoft SSO is NOT available via the app.

For System Administrators

As System Administrators, you have the choice as to whether your users can access your RPM Subscription via Microsoft SSO.  You can add or revoke this access via the Settings. 

To remove the ability to sign in via SSO, simply uncheck the "Allow linking of Microsoft Accounts" and click OK.

Confirming which users have set up their access with SSO, can be done in the Staff user Profiles as well as in the Staff User Views, filtering for SSO Logins.