Agencies house your agent users (reps/sales partners) who you may pay a commission to in RPM. In most cases, the agency would be the company name of your partner and the agent users are the partners’ first and last names.

It is also possible that an agent user that you pay commissions to each month does not have a company name or is not part of a company that you know of. In cases like this, the agency and rep can share a name.

RPM advises that each unique person you pay commission to is setup as their own agency. If you collaborate with a company that you issue a single payment for but has multiple agent users, you create the agent users as sub agents under the same agency. 


One agency with multiple reps

Rutabaga Communications has reps Steve and Kristy. Steve and Kristy can both be assigned commissions independently, but both their totals count towards the total for Rutabaga Communications. You can also add multiple reps to an agency to keep track of contacts in RPM.

One agency to one rep or in-house salesperson

If you have an agent that is on their own, you still need to create an agency for them. Whether the agency is a company name or just their first and last name does not matter as long as there is an agency-to-rep relationship.

This video will go over how to setup an agency.