This Lumen Excel Macro will take the rows in your Lumen Excel file and sort by Billing Acct Nbr and Product Desc then combine the rows of the Excel where the Billing Acct Nbr and Product Desc are the same. The macro will remove the first row of the Excel if it is empty as well.

If your Excel's columns are different than what the macro is expecting you may get errors. Also if you'd like to create a custom macro for Lumen or any other supplier you can reach out to for assistance. Please note that for custom macro work, support fees will apply.

Using an Excel Macro - Tutorial

First download the Lumen macro attached below.

Then when first opening the Excel macro you maybe asked to enable editing and enable macros for the file. Enable both of these options. If you do not you will not be able to run the macro. If this happens closing the Excel and re-opening will let you redo the choices.

After enabling editing and macros for the Excel take your Lumen data and copy and paste it directly into the Excel.

Then go into view > macros.

Run the Lumen Macro.

Select Yes.

This will create a new Results worksheet with your combined Lumen data. Please double check the totals as the Macro may not consider every possible change Lumen might make to their spreadsheets. 

If you get any errors please reach out to for assistance.