Email integration attaches emails to specific process forms. 

To use email integration, setup a dedicated imap account.

After the imap account has been setup, click Top Menu >> Setup >> Email integration.

Edit Settings. Check Yes for Check for email, Yes for Show email box on forms, and decide if you want to Include archived forms. 

Enter the Account information and when finished, click Test Connection. This will tell you if the settings are correct and RPM can access the account.

When testing connection, if you receive the following message from RPM your account settings are incorrect. Please ensure that they are correct and review the input. 

If your account settings return the following message, your RPM account settings are correct.

Process aliases

Emails get attached to process forms by including a process alias and form number in the subject line of the email. 

The next step is to + Add an alias.

Choose the process from the drop down list, and enter an Alias. 

Aliases must be three characters or longer. 

Example aliases: TT#, ORD#, Lead etc.. 

Click OK when done.

Repeat this process for all processes desired for Email integration.