In order to match an email to a process form, you must send the email to the dedicated email integration imap email account. There are several ways to do this, you can setup your email account to forward all your emails to this account, or add it each time you send an email you want to attach using the To, Bcc, or Cc functions.

In the subject line of the email you must include the process alias and the form number of the form you want the email to be matched to.

In order for users to learn or remember the email address and alias and form number, they can use this info icon located at the top right of the Email box.

You can use this information to manually add the alias and form number to the email subject line or you can click the airplane and your default email client will open and the alias and form number will be added automatically.

If you click on the airplane and the wrong email client opens, please check your operating system email client default settings. If you don't know where to check this, start with a simple google search, for example, default email app on Windows.

Once sent, RPM will check for emails and attach them to process form based on the information provided in the subject line. The emails will be placed in the Emails box. You can click on them to view.