You have the ability to filter any view to identify forms within a process that meet your criteria. To Filter, click on the Filter button. 

With Filter, you can filter forms by various methods:

 Using Info to filter, means your are filtering on information about the form and includes the following options:

When filtering by Field or Table Fields (this includes fields within table)  in the process, there are only certain field types that you can filter by.

These include:

Reference Fields

Date Fields

Money Fields

Decimal Fields

Quantity Fields

Percent Fields

List Fields

Yes/No Fields

Yes/No List Fields

Duration Fields

Location List Fields

Formula Fields

List Score Fields

The following fields cannot be used in a filter:

Shared Fields

Text Fields (all options)

Measurement Fields

Lat Long Fields

Depending on your filter choice, further filtering options will be available. For example, if you choose a Date field you will be presented with additional filter options to narrow in on the forms you want to view. 

If the view with the filter applied is something that you will want to refer back to more than once, you can either choose to +Save as view or +Add a view.

+Save as view will always default to a Private View - which means only you will be able to see the view. 

+Add a view will allow you choose whether you want others to be able to see this filtered view.