To Add a Staff Role, click the Top Menu Button and choose Users.

Click the Staff Roles tab, and click + Add a role.

Enter the name of the new role you want to create in the Role field. At this point, you can either choose to copy privileges from an existing role or make new ones. In this case, we will choose to make new ones. Click OK.

The role, New Role has now been created. The name of the role you have created will be displayed on the top of the form.

Editing Privileges of New Role

Now that the role has been created, we must edit its privileges. Click Edit under Privileges.

From the Edit privileges page you can define the access the new role will have. For example, if you want the new user to be able to create new processes or staff users, click Yes to the Setup privilege.

When you are finished defining the privileges for the new role, click OK

Copy Role Privileges

If you are creating a new role that will have the same privileges as an existing role, you can copy those privileges. In this case, the new role we are creating has the same privileges as the existing "General" role.

Adding a Process(es) to a New Role

After defining the privileges for the new role you should also assign the process(es) you want this role to have access to. To edit process(es), click Edit under Process.

From this page you can add a process(es) to a role and the permissions for each. First choose the Process from the drop down box. Then select the permissions from the drop down box beside the process. Once both are selected, click Add.