If you want to create many new users, you may want to do this via import from Excel. To Import staff users, click the Top Menu button and choose Users.

Click the More drop down and then Import.

Click the Import Staff link to download the Excel Import Staff template.

Below is a screenshot of the Excel Import Staff template.

Enter or cut and paste user information in the template provided. To create users by import, the Role, First Name and Last Name columns MUST be entered. You must save the worksheet before uploading it into Cube. 

To import the file, click Browse and choose the file you have just created. The name of the file will be displayed to the right of the Browse button (see screenshot below). Click Upload.

If you have any errors with the import the system will let you know. 

Click on the Preview Row to get error details.

Follow the error instructions and make the necessary changes to the imported worksheet, save the file and re-import. 

If there are no errors with your import, the preview will show how many new, updated, and any duplicate staff are set to be created. If the information is correct click Import, if not click Discard and adjust your worksheet. 

When you are satisfied with the data to be imported, click Import. Once the import is finished, you have the option to Invite users (by email - you must have imported user email addresses to do this) or Download passwords (you must provide password information to newly created users).