The Workflow Extender V2(WFX2) is a powerful enhancement that offers a suite of solutions for numerous workflow issues in RPM. 

Main modules

Schedule Updater

Using date/time fields from forms in RPM to create scheduled jobs such as updating a date field in a form. 

Use cases for Schedule Updater

Auto Contract Renewals

Action Starter

Creates forms to replicate actions to make use of the benefits of forms over actions. The forms in RPM can be imported into and mass updated giving you more custom report and better control of a large number of actions.

Use Cases for Action Starter

Actions As Forms

Field Change Tracker

Tracks changes of the specified form fields. If at least one of them changes - performs a configured action.

Available actions are:

  • Create a configured Form Action, assigning it to the participants of the configured Staff Group.
  • Create a configured Form Action, assigning it to the participants of the form.


Same as the "Field change tracker", but in addition to performing some action when at least one of the tracked fields changes, it writes the changes into a free rows table, representing the history of all changes made to the tracked fields since the Fire and Ice met in the middle of Ginnungagap.

Use Cases for Historian


Conditional Form Archive

This processor is used for archiving a form, based on some combination of the form's initial status and field values. For example, if form status is "Completed" and it is 90 days old.

Additional Costs

There is a one time charge for the configuration and activation of the WFX2. An estimate of time for the configuration and connection will be provided prior to the work being completed. There is also a monthly charge for one API User to have the WFX2 running in your subscription. 

Other Workflow Extender Use Cases

Auto Archive Employee Profiles & their Records

Event Based Preventative Maintenance

Adding Participants Based on Staff Users Captured in a Table Field