Staff Groups are a compliment to roles, allow users to have multiple dashboards, and deliver flexible workflow capabilities.

Staff Groups can be setup to align users, data, and workflow with business processes such as Sales/CRM, Quality, Manufacturing, Operations, or Health and Safety. Alternatively, Staff Groups can be setup to align users, data, and workflow with different company divisions.

A user can belong to none, one, or many Staff Groups. For example, if a subscriber setup Staff Groups to match the different divisions of a company, individual users would likely belong to one company division and its Staff Group. However, the VP of Operations for the entire company could potentially belong to all the company's Staff Groups.


To add a Staff Group first select Users from the Top Menu. Then select the Staff groups tab.

Click Add a staff group.

After choosing a name for the Staff groupadd the Staff included in the group, the Processes the group will have access to, and the associated process access.


When determining what access a staff user has to a process, RPM will look at both the user's role and the group(s) they belong to and permit the highest access specified. For example, a staff user's role may not have access to the above "Aerial Lift Inspection" process, but since the group they belong to has access, the user will be able to access the process at the group's specified access.


Dashboards can be built for Staff Groups just as they are for roles. The first tab will be the default dashboard and is based on the user's role or user type. When a user belongs to one or more groups that has a dashboard, their dashboard will have tabs. Note the dashboard below has four tabs. Clicking on the tab will uncover a group dashboard, which in this case, are organized according to different business processes.

Group dashboard names can be edited. Click Rename, and you will be able to custom name a group dashboard. 

Ordering Staff Group Dashboards

To select the order of the Dashboard, click the Settings option at the top, then select Tab Order.

From here, you can click and drag the individual Dashboards into place, keeping in mind the top row will be the first Dashboard to the right of the Role Dashboard. Top-to-bottom equals left-to-right. 

Add Staff Group as Participant(s)

Staff Groups and a groups' individual members can be added to forms as participants.

Find staff users in a staff group easily by first filtering for a Staff Group. In the screenshot below, participants have been sorted and are displayed from the staff group New Staff Group. Click Add 3 as participants, to add all users in the group or click on a specific user to add just one user from the group.


Action triggers can be assigned to Staff Groups. When an action is triggered, separate actions will be created for every enabled user in the group. 

Staff Reference Field Limit

Staff reference fields can be limited to show only the users in a particular Staff Group. For example, if you have a staff reference field that is meant for only "Field Supervisors" you could make a " Field Supervisor" Staff Group to limit the staff user shown to the user. This would be useful when workflow determined by a the user chosen from a staff reference field in a process should only be directed to specific groups of users.