The Workflow Extender can be used in Preventative Maintenance of your equipment.  Your equipment must have a maintenance schedule that is related to hours, miles or kilometers.  

There are three processes involved in Preventative Maintenance for a piece of equipment:

1. A Master List of your defined Maintenance Schedules.

2. A process where current kilometers/miles/hours are captured on a semi frequent basis and;

3. A  process where the kilometers/miles/hours are captured at the time the maintenance occurred.

As an example, you have a vehicle that requires maintenance every 1000 KMs.  

The process that you use to capture current KMs could be an Inspection (daily, pre-use, monthly etc) or a form specifically used to capture odometer readings

The process that you use to capture KMs at the time of maintenance, could be a Work Order, Service Request, Maintenance Request etc. 

The Current KMs that are captured on this secondary process are updated on the Vehicle form via workflow extender. 

When the current KMs are updated on the Vehicle form, the system takes that information and updates the number of KMs to Next Maintenance. 

In the screenshot below,  we are showing you a vehicle form for the 103 Ford. We have a field to update Current KMs, a field to capture the KMs at last Maintenance and a formula field to calculate the KMs to Next Maintenance. 

The Last Maintenance Field is updated in the same manner as the Current KMs via the workflow extender but this field is updated based on the form that is used to capture the KMs of the vehicle when it was last in for maintenance. 

When the value in KMs to Next Maintenance reaches 0, the workflow extender will create a form of your choosing (a Maintenance Request, Service Request, Work Order etc) for the vehicle. Action Trigger Notifications that are set up on at that form will advise your Asset/Equipment Manager that maintenance is required for the vehicle and what maintenance schedule it is following.