Within our Training Tracking process, you have the ability to mark when an employee is no longer an active employee with your company. When the status of the Employee Training Profile is updated to Inactive, the form will automatically archive, removing it from the Active View.  

Once the employee's profiled has been archived, Workflow Extender can be used to archive all related forms to attached to that Employee's profile - forms such as training records so that you or your system admins do not need to manually archive those records. 

While the employee's profile and their training records are no longer viewable in the Active Views, you would still be able to find all the forms in the Archived View in the respective processes. 

While this use case refers to an Employee's Training Profile, it can be applied at a larger scale. For example if you have a Master Employee Profile that is used to create multiple different employee profiles (Training, Policy, Competency etc), Workflow Extender can be set so that when the Master Employee Profile is updated to Inactive and Archived, all the profiles that are linked to the Master Profile,  as well as all the forms related to those "child" profiles can be archived as well.  

This creates a single place for you or your admin teams to maintain your employees' statuses.