A Guest Role is a Staff user role that can be used to only start and save a form. The Guest Role is simply a way for a non Staff User to be able to enter forms into your subscription, and nothing else. A generic username or password can be created and distributed to 3rd party individuals (such as vendors, contractors, agents, partners, or members of the public) that you want to have access to submit a form. You can also provide a +Start Link for that process so that these 3rd party/Public users do not need to be provided with a username and password. We will walk through setting up a +start link below.  A Guest Role can also be set up to allow a 3rd party to view a layout to an existing form without accessing your subscription (3rd Party Layout Sharing and Quick Share). 

Please note, there is a monthly cost associated with a guest user.   

There are limitations to a Guest Role that you should be aware of before proceeding. A Guest Role can only enter information on the form, they are not able to attach any files to the form they are submitting or add a signature. They are also not able to see or select values in fields that reference any other processes within your subscription. Before setting up a Guest Role please ensure the Guest Role will provide what you need it to.  You can reach out to support if you have any questions.


Click +Add a guest role under Staff roles

Title your Guest Role. It can be beneficial to title the Guest Role as the process that you are going to link it to.  In this case, we are linking this role to a Sign In/Out Process but you could be creating it to enter in information for Orders, Quotes, Hazard Identifications, really any process that you want available to the Public.

Once the role is created,  you add it to the process that you would like to provide 3rd party users, access to. Click on Edit under the Process section. 

You will notice that the permissions that a Guest Role has are to Start only and hide all. Once the process is added, click ok. 

Creating the User Logon

Now that the Guest Role has been created, you will need to create the Staff User.  Click on +Add a staff user under Staff users.

Select the Guest Role that you created. 

Add a First and Last Name for this generic user.  You can use the generic password provided or you can create your own. Ensure that the user is Enabled.

Guest user logon +start links

Rather than providing a username and password to 3rd party users, you can provide them a direct link to the process you want them to use. 

In the Setup menu for the process, under Settings, you will find Guest user sign-in +start links

Copy the link found on the right-hand side. This can be provided directly to the 3rd party users, or you can attach the link to a QR Code so the individuals can scan a QR code which will take them directly to the form. 

When the link is used, the form is opened for the user for them to fill out and submit.

Once the form is submitted, the user is taken to a generic dashboard to sign out of your subscription.