To compliment the Customer basic entity in RPM, converting the customer information into a process offers many benefits. By creating a customer process, you can use it as the central hub for all customer information summing up order data, locations, and much more.

With a central hub for your customers your team can manage customers by creating actions directly on certain customers vs a specific order or opportunity. You can also provide your customers with the ability to login to your RPM and view all relevant data under their profile. 

The downside of having the customers live in a process is customers are created from your commission imports and customer forms would not automatically be created as a customer form. It would also not automatically sync any updates made on the customer to the corresponding form in the customer process. To address this, we've created an API integration called Workflow Extender V2. The integration can sync the customer commissions page with the customers process giving you the benefits of being able to manage customers on either page with the benefits of both.

API usage charges will apply. 

Enhancements Required

Workflow Extender V2

Agency/Customer/Supplier to Process Sync