A data dump is an export of some or all of your data from the RPM database. This is intended as a one-time handoff of data. Our standard rate for Professional Services to complete the task will apply. When you submit a request for a data dump to our support email, if you are not the System Manager of the Subscription, we will require the consent of the System Manager before we can begin the process. We will then proceed with the task, generate the file, and will notify you when the file is ready to be received.

Your data will be stored as a 7z zip file. You will need a different unzipping tool other than the Windows or iOS default if you do not already have one. 7-Zip is the free tool that we used to zip the file. This file will be uploaded to Google Drive and we will send you the link. After you have downloaded the file, we will remove the link to Google Drive before we provide you with the password to extract the file.


The extracted file will contain a Database.bak file that will require SQL database software and some knowledge of SQL databases to access the data. The database file will contain your data, notes, form participants, actions, history, and a file attachment index. 

File Attachments

File attachments will also be exported. Process name, form title, and the original file name would all be retained. Form file attachments will be organized in folders like "{Process name}/{Form title}/{File attachment ID} - {Original file name}".

File attachments for other entities are organized similarly: "{Object type}/{Object name}/{File attachment ID} - {Original file name}" (e.g. "Agency/Your agency/1234 - Attachment.pdf").