An area where RPM Telco subscribers have difficulty with order management is the manual effort of monitoring and updating expiry dates for orders that automatically renew. 

To manage auto renewal orders a subscriber must manually check a custom view that displays expired orders as of today or the past 999,999 days. Unless this view is monitored daily, your data is out of date. Out of date data affects date based reminders that notify users to contact customers and make sure they are happy with their services in advance of upcoming expiry dates. If those reminders don’t follow and you don’t follow up with customers, those orders are at risk of canceling.

Further, changing expiry dates manually opens up the possibility of incorrect data. Adding a 36 month term to an existing date isn’t that difficult to manage but if you are doing individually for 250, 500, 1500+ orders at a time you may make a mistake, which again may result in the loss of business by not managing your order and customer properly.

To help our subscribers manage auto renewal orders more efficiently and effectively, we developed the Auto Renewal Order Date Automation Enhancement.

If you are unfamiliar with what an Enhancement is, it is a program developed by RPM that uses the RPM API to complement RPM functionality.

The Auto Renewal Order Date Automation Enhancement automatically updates expiry dates based on the order renewal term for orders at a certain status level so the expiry date is always correct and current.

To use this Enhancement, your Order process must have the following fields:

Field Type

Suggested Field Name

Suggested List Field Options

Description of Data

List field

Order Renewal Type

Auto, Fixed

This field indicated the order renewal type for an order.

Date field

Expiry Date


Indicates the expiry date for an order.

List field

Renewal Term

1, 3, 12, 24, 36

This field indicates the number of months for the order renewal term.

To use an Enhancement, an API User will be required. The per month cost for this Enhancement is $50/month. There will also be a $150/hour fee for our integration developer to hook up the Enhancement in your RPM subscription. Finally there will be a $150/hour support fee to ensure your order process has the required fields and to manage the successful implementation of the project.

Other costs that could be incurred with the use of this application is if you breach the daily and monthly API call limits. This cost would be unique to the number of order forms that need to be updated on a daily basis. However, after the initial implementation of this Enhancement, we doubt these would come into effect.

If you are interested in learning more about this Enhancement or are already sold on this and want this added to your subscription, contact