Email Integration with Google

Effective May 30, 2022 Google will no longer be supporting the option to allow "Less Secure Apps." Please see: for more information. 

If you are using RPM's email integration functionality with a Gmail email account, this change affects you. To adapt, you will need to set up an app password from Google. Follow the steps described in this article to set up an app password:

After you have your new app password you will need to update it in RPM. You will replace the current password with your new app password. 

Follow these steps to update your password in RPM:

Is this the first time you are hearing about email integration in RPM? Email integration allows users to send emails to a dedicated IMAP email account and have the emails map to certain process forms in RPM. It allows for quick and convenient access to important emails.

Custom Naming Import Fix

When using custom naming for Agencies in RPM, the agency import page was not properly reflecting the custom name. This has been fixed and now properly reflects the custom name changes. 

Is this your first time hearing about custom naming in RPM? Under the agency settings page of RPM are options to change the naming for Agency and Agency users to better reflect the naming scheme in your organization. 

Guest User Logins Automatically Redirect to Dashboard

After submitting a form, Guest users will now be automatically redirected back to the dashboard after 3 seconds.

Is this your first time hearing about Guest users in RPM? Guest users allow anyone with the guest user link to enter forms and data into RPM. Guest users are useful to enable your customers or agents to complete surveys, quote requests, and more.

Favourite Views Alphabetized

Your list of favourite views is now alphabetized instead of being sorted by category. 

Is this your first time hearing about favourite views in RPM? Favourite views bring your most used custom views to the top of your view list for easy access. 

More Improvements & Changes

  • Proxy user page header is now properly categorized under User instead of Commissions.
  • Adding a value to item variables now raises a calculation flag.
  • After adding a Customer contact, RPM will redirect the user back to the contact page instead of the Customer.
  • Date fields from a reference field used in filters no longer error out.
  • Date fields in filters no longer error out if a value larger than 270 years is used.
  • Fulfilment sum widgets no longer error out if a "One row per table" view is used.
  • Blue info boxes will no longer render if no information is present.
  • Duplicate filters can no longer be added when using quick filters.
  • Action field when editing/creating action triggers now has a required glyph.