To migrate from basic email integration settings to secure authentication, click Email integration from the Setup page. 

Click Edit under Settings. 

During set up, keep your basic email integration settings. You can delete them after the new credentials have successfully been entered. 

Change Use secure authentication from No to Yes. 

Click on Sign in with Microsoft. 

If you have been using this account already for email integration you likely will not have to update any Microsoft account settings. However, if you do, follow the steps provided by Microsoft. 

For example, you may have to consent to RPM reading your emails. 

Once the Microsoft settings and consent has been provided, confirm the account. 

You will be then be directed back to the email integration setting page and your account will be configured.

Click Test connection to ensure that everything is correct. 

You should also send a test email to ensure that emails are being attached to forms. 

Once this is done you can toggle the Use secure authentication button back to No and remove the information. Then toggle back to Yes and click OK.

Error Troubleshooting

If you get a warning that says "This app requires your admin's approval" you will need to enter a justification for approval. After entering the justification you should contact your organization's Azure account global admin and request that approval be granted. 

IMAP enabled. Having IMAP enabled is required. If you receive the below error from RPM you need to ask your Azure global admin to all IMAP protocol for this email.