This enhancement will reflect RPM entities (Actions and Process Forms) to a configured Calendar. 

There are two calendar providers supported, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. 

When an Action or a Process Form is created/updated/deleted in RPM, the enhancement creates/updates/deletes the calendar events associated with the RPM entity. 

The enhancement is designed as a web service, running in a cloud or on a web server. It listens for and processes web events from RPM and sends data to the configured Calendar Provider.

Microsoft Outlook

Every RPM process is associated with a separate Outlook Calendar by default. Several processes can be associated with the same Outlook Calendar by the means of Calendar Registry process.

Date fields from Process Forms can be added to calendar events.  

Google Calendar

Every Google calendar involved has to be present in the Calendar Registry.


A calendar registry process is required to be imported into your RPM subscription, which will be used to configure the calendars. 

Use Cases

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