An enhancement is a custom application developed by RPM that expands RPM's functionality. Think of enhancements as tools. Enhancements are typically generic and can be used in many different ways. To help you understand what is possible with enhancements check out the enhancement use cases. 

Examples of enhancements are:

  • Status Aggregator, which will update the status level(s) of a form(s) based on another;
  • Agency/Customer/Supplier to Process Sync, which syncs the basic references in Commissions to forms in a process;
  • Bulk Data Processor, which pulls information from different sources, potentially executes functions, and updates RPM.

A complete list of enhancements and enhancement use cases is available by clicking on the links.

There is a per-user per-month fee associated with each enhancement. The user fee varies with the enhancement. There is also a $150/hour configuration fee.

Enhancements may need to be updated from time to time to ensure that they are operating appropriately. Any updates required to an enhancement will be charged at $150/hour. 

Enhancements are developed to minimize API calls. However, any enhancement will result in API requests in your RPM subscription and may result in additional API fees.

As stated in our License and Application Services Agreement, any development work done by RPM to integrate other software or create any enhancements is owned by RPM. 

If you are interested in using an enhancement, please contact support to set up a time to discuss your specific need(s).