Initial Connection

After you have decided to try or subscribed to the Data Warehouse ("DW"), you will be provided with endpoint information and user credentials from RPM. Using a SQL client, you should test that you can connect to your DW.

Any of the following SQL clients will work:

  • DBeaver 
  • My SQL Workbench
  • HeidiSQL
  • DataGrip
  • Visual Studio - through Redshift extension

Testing Connection Using DBeaver

Open DBeaver >> Database >> New Database Connection

Ensure that you the search criteria in the left pane is set to All. Search for Redshift >> click icon >> Next.

Enter the following information using what was provided to you from RPM >> click Finish.

If you have the correct information and credentials entered you will connect to the DW. The folder structure will guide you to the Tables. Everything you need will be in public

Congratulations! You're connected to the DW. We strongly recommend changing your password.