This article assumes you have downloaded Tableau Desktop. 

Under Connect, choose Amazon Redshift. If you have not installed the driver, you will be notified to do so.

You will be required to login to Tableau to get to the Driver Download page.

Choose the:

Data Source: Amazon Redshift

Operating System: [your operating system]

Bit Version: [your bit version]

Install the Redshift Driver by clicking on the link to the AWS webpage and then downloading the appropriate driver version. Once the file is downloaded, install it. 

Once the driver has been installed you can connect to Redshift. 

From the Connect panel >> Redshift.

Using the information provided by RPM enter the following:


Port: 5439

Database: [database name provided by RPM]

Username: [username provided by RPM]

Password: [password provided by RPM or hopefully, your changed password]

Click Sign In.

If everything was entered correctly, you will be directed to the data page. A reminder to use Schema: public.