Lighthouse HSE, Cube Data Management System and Quartz QMS (“LCQ”)

Sunset Date:  October 31, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I receiving this FAQ?

A: You are a system administrator or subscription contact for your organization’s LCQ subscription.

Q: Why are LCQ products being discontinued?

A: LCQ products are being discontinued to focus on our primary brand, RPM Telco.

Q: Can I still use my LCQ product until I find a replacement?

A: Yes, LCQ products will continue to be available until you terminate your Software as a Service Agreement (“Agreement”) or October 31, 2024.

Q: Will we still be charged user license fees?

A: Yes, you will be charged user license fees as long as you using the Product.

Q: Will we be held to our SaaS Agreement termination notification clause or term?

A: No, RPM will allow the termination of the agreement on request. All LCQ Orders and Agreements will terminate on October 31, 2024.  

Q: Will written notification of this process and termination of my SAAS Agreement be sent?

A: Yes, written notification will be sent to the contact information as set forth in the Order.

Q: What are my next steps with this transition?

A: Please review the Sample Transition Plan

Q: Can I email someone at RPM concerning this sunset process or to ask more questions?

A: Yes, please use the appropriate support email address for your brand. Lighthouse HSE –, Cube DMS –, Quartz QMS –

Q: What support is being provided to assist with the transition to a new software platform?

A: RPM will provide a SQL file that contains subscription data free of charge. We will support where possible with migration questions.

Q: Can I ask RPM to assist with this transition and/or data migration via RPM professional services?

A: RPM will support where possible with questions related to transition and/or data migration. Professional services are not available for data migration purposes.

Q: Will RPM be providing financial support for data migration efforts?

A: No, RPM will not be providing financial support for data migration efforts.

Q: Will any further LCQ product development be done?

A: After the RPM 33 release which will allow file attachments to be added on form start and edit, new product development specifically related to LCQ and the LCQ mobile app will be limited. We will fix bugs and conduct maintenance when necessary until the sunset date. 

Q: Is the sunset date of October 31, 2024 firm?

A: Yes, this is a firm date. Access to all remaining LCQ subscriptions will be disabled on November 1, 2024. 

Q: Will you be providing support until the end-of-life date?

A: Yes, we will provide the Support Services and Service Levels to our existing customers as we always have, however, we will be limiting professional services, including configuration, integration, and product training to focus efforts to help our customers transition to alternative solutions.

Q: How can we access LCQ products moving forward?

A: Sales of new LCQ subscriptions have ceased. The marketing websites for Lighthouse HSE, Cube DMS, and Quartz QMS have been removed. Please access LCQ products from the following URLS,, https://secure.cubedms.com

This FAQ will be updated and included with periodic sunset notifications.

Last Updated:  11/1/23