This document is in scope if you have an RPM Data Warehouse subscription. And, further, if you have merged or acquired another organization that has an RPM subscription and want to aggregate the commission data into one area.


There are several options to maintain, store, or use data from more than one RPM subscription. 

Keep the RPM Subscription Active

To provide access to historical data for users that require the data to be viewed through the RPM UI, you can keep your RPM subscription.

SQL Data File

RPM will provide an SQL data file that includes all of the data from your RPM subscription, commission and process data. 

Data Warehouse Tables

If you have an existing Data Warehouse subscription RPM can include the Data Warehouse tables from another RPM subscription into your existing Data Warehouse.

Choosing the Right Option - Pros & Cons

Keep the RPM Subscription Active

Keeping the RPM Subscription active will ensure that the subscription and Data Warehouse tables, if applicable, are kept up to date with all product updates and upgrades. However, this may be viewed as a costly option as you would be required to pay the RPM subscription and Data Warehouse (if applicable) fees.


SQL Data File

An SQL data file will include all commission and process data contained in your RPM subscription. If you need access to all data and don’t want to keep your RPM subscription active, this is the best option.

The downside of this option is that you will need to store this file somewhere and determine your needs for SQL Server software ( This option will create multiple data sources that you will need to manage if you are aggregating data into one spot.

Data Warehouse Tables

If you have a Data Warehouse subscription, it is possible for RPM to move the Data Warehouse tables from one Data Warehouse into another one. This will provide access to your data in one area.

However, the downside of this option is that without an active RPM subscription, the data source is broken and the moved Data Warehouse tables will be static and in time will likely become different from the Data Warehouse tables. You will need to manage this.

Also, keep in mind that, at this point, the Data Warehouse only contains commission data. The Data Warehouse does not include process data. 

RPM Support & Professional Services

If you have further questions you can email RPM Support ( Please note that the above may involve professional services fees.