This article gives a quick overview on how to use the customer login. Any issues such as password resets or questions should be directed to your Account Manager. 

The Customer login will allow you to view your placed Orders, Customer information, and Supplier Account numbers. Your Account Manager will dictate how your dashboard will look when you sign in.

The 3 horizontal stripes (aka: Top Menu) in the top left area will be your main navigation tool in RPM. 


The Dashboard will display widgets that can act as quick links to find your Orders with your Account Manager.

1. Start or View buttons: if your Account Manager allows you to start or view certain processes you can have buttons on your dashboard to easily start or access them.

2. Actions: actions can be automatically assigned to you. Actions are like reminders and you can click on the link in the action and it will bring you to the form you need to work on. 


Top Menu >> Processes

The Processes that you see can differ from each RPM subscription. Permissions can also differ from each RPM subscription. The + Start button next to a Process will be available if your Account Manager allows you to start your own forms. If the + Start is unavailable, you will only have view access to the Process. You can click into the Process name to view your available forms. Please contact your Account Manager for more information about their Processes as well as how they want you entering forms into their Processes.

Customer Page

Top Menu >> Customer 

This page will contain the Customer information that your Account Manager has tracked. It can contain basic information like locations and addresses. It will also contain the Account Numbers that your Supplier or Service Provider has assigned to your Order. If your User is assigned as the contact on multiple Customers, there will be a different page for each one.