The RPM web API is available to every RPM subscriber and allows read-write access to some of the data managed by RPM.

It includes calls for getting user, customer, account, agency, and rep information. You can also get process forms and start and update them as well.

What can you do with it?

The main use for the API is to integrate the data managed by RPM into other systems that your company may use. Another common use for this API is for reporting purposes that may require up-to-date data or reports that can’t be done completely in tools like Microsoft Excel.

Programming skills are required

To access the data that the API provides you will need a programmer to make use of this tool. Nevertheless, it is very simple to setup and even easier to use.

Getting Started

Before you can begin using the RPM API, you will need to create and obtain an API key and where the API service is setup. After that, you should check how to construct a request to our API.

When you have successfully setup your access to the API, you may want to check out and use one of the API wrappers we have created. And finally, check the special considerations page for important information on the usage limits of the API.