A supplier is used to track incoming commissions from your underlying carriers. New suppliers will need to be created before importing your commission data into RPM. 

Top menu >> Supplier >> +Add a supplier

When adding a Supplier, you are given two options; you can "Add a blank supplier" or to use the drop down list to choose from a preset list that includes a logo. You can type into the drop down box to search for a specific Supplier. If they are present on the list, select them and click OK, to create the supplier.   

Adding a Blank Supplier

If you are not able to locate the supplier from the drop down menu, you have the option to Add a blank supplier. This option will just set the logo to your subscription logo.

Enter in the name of the supplier you wish to add. If you would like to use a logo other than the default logo, click the Logo button at the top of the page. 

Click Browse and locate the saved logo on your computer. The logo must be in a PNG format. Then click OK to update the logo.

Once uploaded, RPM will take you back to the blank supplier page. Verify the logo is correct and click OK to create the supplier. Your Supplier has now been added. 

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