Adding a Supplier is needed when you are either setting up your RPM for the first time or selling products under a new Supplier.

To add a Supplier start in the top menu and click on Suppliers. Next click +Add a supplier  

Top menu button >> Commissions >> Supplier >> +Add a supplier

When adding a Supplier, you are given a drop down list that contains preset names and logos, When you have located your Supplier and then click OK. The Supplier has now been created. 

If the Supplier you are looking for is not preset in the drop down menu , click +Add a blank supplier.

Adding a Blank Supplier

When adding a Blank supplier, type in the name of the Supplier you wish to add. If you wish to use a logo other than the default logo, click the +Upload logo

Click Choose file and locate the saved logo on your computer. A logo, must be in a PNG format, to be able to upload. Then click OK to update the logo.

Now click OK to create the supplier. Your Supplier has now been added. 

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