Top menu >> Commissions >> Imports & transfers 

When you go to the transfer page and see the 'The following transfers are also available, but not setup' warning, that means you need to setup the transfer for the suppliers indicated in the warning. 

Likely you will have to add the new supplier first before you add the new transfer. 

In the example above Telcom Place has a new supplier for us to set up as Call One.

Top menu button >> Commissions >> Imports & transfers

*Check the Supplier name on the center top of the screen (above "Account groups" tab). >> Change it to the supplier name you are setting the transfer up for.

Click + Add a transfer

Click the login link for the master agent that you receive the commissions from.

From supplier: select the correct supplier from the dropdown.

Make sure you change the Rep ID value in Account if this involves an Intelisys transfer as they give their Sales partners a unique Rep ID.

If there are any item variables available you can add them individually by clicking on the blue Add link. 

Click OK when done