Rules of thumb for preparing commission data for import in RPM

  • Column headers have to be on the 1st row
  • Remove totals, sub totals
  • Remove empty rows
  • Remove logo’s
  • Make sure the commission data is on the 1st tab
  • Product and Account are mandatory and columns need to have values for every line item 
  • Make sure to correct any Account values that show scientific notation (eg: 1.23E+10)

What if the commission data does not have a product?

RPM needs a product in order to create a line item, therefore, a product value is required on every row of commission data on the import. If the supplier does not provide you with a product on the commission data they provide, add a ‘Products’ column header and populate the column with “products”. If you are not sure what product you have sold you can just add ‘Residuals’ as the products and copy it through out the column.

What if the commission data does not have a Net Billed?

Net billed is not required and therefore is not necessary to successfully complete a commission import. Most RPM subscribers are getting paid as a % of Net Billed, therefore if there is none provided there is not a way of accurately audit the supplier. One option is to contact the supplier and request it.

What if the commission data does not have an account number/order number?

In most cases commission data comes with some sort of account, order, customer number, or a numerical value that can be used as an ‘Account’ in RPM. If the commission data does not have any such number the next best thing is to use the customer name. This way the account number and customer name is the same.

What if the commission data is not provided in excel?

The first thing you should do is request the data in excel from your supplier. In most cases they will be able to get it to you in excel. Worst case scenario you create your own excel spreadsheet and have to update the commission data each month prior to import using the format the supplier provides you with.

What if the commission data does not have any headers?

In this case you can create your own headers. Make sure that you spell the headers or use the same template every month as the upload matrix depends on exact spelling.

What if the commission data takes too much time to prep?

Some supplier provide spreadsheets that require a significant amount of effort to turn it into a format that can be imported into RPM. If a supplier spreadsheet contains merged cells, headers that are located through a worksheet , have column totals and/or subtotals, etc. If this is the case, RPM can for a one time fee of $150 create a macro enabled workbook. A macro is a excel workbook that will allow you to paste in the commission data every month and by running the macro the workbook will automatically put it in a format for you to import in RPM.

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