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When you have imported all the commission data for the month and you have confirmed all the payouts you can close your run. If you have Manager and/or Rep users logging on to your RPM only when you close your run the commissions for that run will become available.

  • You have to calculate before you can close your run. 
  • After you have closed your run you have the option to (re)open it. 

You can give your agents a time frame to check their commissions and if they detect a mistake you have to option to open your run and correct the mistake. The moment you start your next run the previous run cannot be opened any longer nor can you make any changes to it. 

*The best time to start the next run is when you cut your cheques or wire the payment for your agents

When you close the run RPM will show you if you have any warnings to clear.

Security: you can close the run and set the security to Not hidden (default) or Staff only

Click Close when done.

Now you are ready to start the next run.

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