A commission group is a group of products that share commission rates. This way you do not have to create a commission group for each product you sell from a supplier or master agent, if the rate you receive is the same for the products. Some of our clients refer to commission groups as a 'bucket' or 'category'. 

After you have imported your supplier data for the first time you get product warnings, click on the product warning and it will bring you the product matching page. 

Top menu button >> Import data >> Product warning

The page will show:

  1. The products you have imported from the commission data.
  2. What the gross rate is you received for it (RPM calculates this by dividing the Gross Commission by the Net billed that is imported from the commission data). 

To create a new commission group you click on Add a commission group 

Enter the name of the commission group

Enter the sales rate in the second bracket (what you pay your agent). We recommend leaving this field blank as changing this value will only affect the default pay plan that gets assigned to your Agents. Please see our article on how to Add a Pay Plan to change the Sales rate.

Tiers: Use tiers if there is more than one way this group can pay commissions.