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Use tiers if there is more than one way this group can pay commissions. The most common tier structure would be to tier by Gross Commission, when a product is paid at different rates and there is no other value available in the commission data to create a situation where you would like to pay more or less when you receive more or less commission. An example of 'another value' would be the term of a product or a product code that would drive the product to pay different. 

Enter the name of the commission group. If you get a flat rate for all or most products you can use a generic group name such as 'All products'. 

Click Use tiers

Tier options

  • Variable based
  • Quota based
  • Gross commission %

Gross Commission %


The tier chosen is based on the gross commission paid to you. This tier option allows you to label your tiers and set multiple gross rates you receive for the product. You can pay the same rate to your agent or different rates if needed. 

You can + Add a tier to create additional tiers. 



Quota based

Like a variable based tier structure, the tier used in quota based tier structure depends on values in the commission data. The difference is variable based only looks at the value of the single item while quota based sums the value of all items of that commission group. 

Variable based


The tiers used depends on the value of a custom product variable, custom item variables or a built-in item value (example: Net billed, Gross commission). 



Net billed or Gross commission % 

Either one of these options will be chosen depending on what range the dollar value of the gross commission or net billed fits in to. The tier value is separate form the tier gross rate so the gross commission audit will still function. 

Item or Product variable


An item variable provides additional information on a commission item, where a product variable provides addition information on a product. Both item and product variables can be used for the bases of a variable based tier structure. 


  • The Label will allow you to name your tier
  • The section/column under the item (Cycle month in screenshot below) is where you put in a specific code, amount, date or number on which you would like to audit and pay out a certain rate.