Top menu button >> Import data >> Unassigned Rep IDs

After you have done your import(s) you need to calculate in order to see the updated count of new Rep IDs. Click on the link with the number of Rep IDs in the Warnings column, this will bring you the the ‘Assign rep IDs to reps’ page.

  1. Rep ID: this is the driver of who is getting paid for a customer. You can highlight the first one and start the assigning of the Rep IDs to your agents
  2. Customers: displays the customer(s) that is tied to the Rep ID
  3. Agency: select the agency first from the list and the Rep(s) for the agency will display below the Select a rep section
  4. Select a rep: by clicking on the Rep name the rep ID will be assigned
  5. Undo: reverse your assignment, you can click multiple times if needed
  6. + Add an agency: add a new agency (and Rep) to your database
  7. + Add a rep: add a Rep to an existing Agency

Below Select an agency you can scroll through the list or start typing the name of the agency in the search box that is available above it under where it displays Select an agency. When done, to see the entire agency list again you can click Show all to the right of it.

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